Checking in

So it appears that K and I arent the best at this blogging caper. Looking at the blogs we like to read, those people are very consistent with a post a day or so. Looking at our short track record, we’re duds. Sorry about this. K has been doing the academic thing, flying from MIT back to Melbourne for a conference – some stuff about the environment. He’s a good kid like that. I dont have any real excuses. Just a bit soft I guess.

Anyway, enough agony aunt stuff and onto the stats. Below, please find the predicted results from the July 21 data. Looks like the ALP is creeping up. We’ve been paying attention to the latest national polling by the big guys and they’re all calling it very close. Looking at the number of current crossbenchers (there are 6 of them), our predicted ‘other’ win count looks a bit high. We’re going to tweak our model a bit to try fix this up. Our usual disclaimers hold (ie. very early out, maybe the data not good if not enough betting etc). Thanks for reading our blog!