We get our electoral betting market data from Sportsbet – scraping it using Python, using a cron job to automate the scraping everyday, and then a little script to get it sent to dropbox. It was a nice little set up because it was all pretty automated.

But from July 22 until July 29, betting data for around 40 seats were not available. Our scraping was still working, but the data wasn’t on the site. So in that time, me and K just sat and waited.┬áNow, truly great bloggers would have gone to other betting sites and tried to find alternative sources of data. Not us. We just waited.

Lucky for us, Sportsbet are now back with all 150 seats. And in our down time, our pal at the AFR, Edmund Tadros, told us that Sportingbet have some data too. So maybe we’ll try write another little Python script to scrape it. (If you ever need to scrape data off a website, check out the Python library Beautiful Soup.)

Thankfully today we checked and it looks like all 150 seats are available again. More predictions coming tomorrow!